Investment Size: $500,000 and up to $100 Million

Locations: Nationwide

Property Types: Land, Industrial, Mixed-Use, Multifamily, Office, RV Parks, Retail, Senior Living, Student Living, Hospitality, Cannabis ETC….

Leverage: Up to 80% LTV

Land & Construction Leverage: 100% of LTC

Pricing: From LIBOR + 2.50%

Term: 1 to 10 years plus extension options

Special Situations: Non-recourse, Blanket Loans, DSCR underwriting; Fix and Flips; ground lease; land loans; Foreign Nationals, Cross Collateral


For all deals with personal guaranty: 1003 or PFS and recent credit report or authorization to pull credit

For all deals: Executive Summary/Narrative of the project including exit strategy/development plan; use of funds

Plus, these deal-specific requirements: ​ 

*Land: acquisition cost, date acquired, amount of money invested in the property to date, breakdown of existing entitlements

*Construction: approved uses – buildable square footage, salable square footage and sell-out info

*Commercial Property: rent roll with breakdown of tenants, square footage, lease expiration date and list of all expenses (taxes, insurance, heat, electric, etc.)

*Foreign National: US or International credit; Visa type; country of origin

Ground Lease: what term is left on the ground lease – rate, term and options